Winter has truly hit Sydney with a vengeance this year. Oh to be in northern France, the smell of newly harvested flax in the air, the biggest problem to solve - what to buy from the local market for lunch, what to fill our glasses with today.

Simply Linen is finally launched, its great to be in touch with good customers once again, we have had some lovely phone calls and emails. So nice not to be lost in the ether, the internet is such a vast shopping mall. To my great delight lots of monograms are being ordered - such a beautiful finish to a beautiful product.

My dear friends Nicky and Laurence finally have their long promised linen sheets. After enjoying the comforts of our guest room they were a great inspiration for me to complete the new project. Nicky says their new sheets are 'gorgeous'

So happy they are so happy.

Am enjoying the mellow sweetness of sweet cinnamon oil at home once more. It imbued the shop for many years, most customers could not leave without a bundle of cinnamon sticks and a bottle of sweet cinnamon essential oil to refresh the fragrance over time.

Time to light the fire and check the weather report once more for a hint of sunshine some time soon.

bye for now



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