Care Instructions

At Simply Linen our  fabric is pure linen. Woven from the flax plant, linen is stronger and sturdier than cotton. It is one of the few fibres that is stronger when wet. It has no lint nor does it pill and it gets softer with laundering. It can be washed or drycleaned, and can be ironed or simply folded. The fibres do not stretch, in fact they have low elasticity, therefore it can wrinkle easily - this in fact is considered part of its charm. 

We recommended you machine wash your linen, using a gentle spin cycle, then either line or tumble dry. It irons beautifully when just damp with a hot steam iron, to dampen for ironing we recommend our linen water,  We prefer not to use starch, it simply masks the beautiful texture of the fabric. You can dry clean if preferred. We don't recommend the use of bleach. For hard to budge stains, soak before washing in a colour safe domestic laundry stain removal product.

We recommended that you wash our products before use in your own detergent in case of sensitivities or allergies. We allow for 5% shrinkage in our finished sizes.

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