Linen tablecloths and linen napkins




Australians have a great love of eating especially outdoors in summer, often very casual but always great food. Nothing improves the ambiance of great food than a great table setting. Choose the classic simplicity of white linen tablecloths and linen napkins, or take it down a notch and use linen placemats, with or without the matching linen napkins.

Why linen? Linen is a luxury fabric, strong and durable whilst also having great handle. Linen loves to be washed, it actually improves with age (what’s not to love about that!) and also improves with laundering. Soak it in cool water to loosen any food stains. Perhaps use a little stain removal product for those harder to shift stains (tomatoes balsamic vinegar red wine chocolate – all too delicious and pretty tricky to remove from some fabrics). Linen tablecloths are strong and durable, they will cope with hard use and come out looking better.

I always love to feel the texture and weight of table linen – are you like me? A linen tablecloth will always pass the feel test! Linen tablecloths Sydney suit the climate and lifestyle of Sydneysiders. Add a set of linen napkins, add hand worked monogramming. Or stay with our easy care Contempo style - always in our signature pure linen. Linen tablecloths Melbourne are right at home in Melbourne, not quite so brash as Sydney, perhaps a little understated, but always classy. Linen napkins, monogrammed linen napkins or our easy care Contempo linen napkins, all can mix or match with linen tablecloths or linen placemats. White pure linen, a classic at any time of the day or night. 

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