About Us

Working with our long term Vietnamese partner and bringing employment and prosperity to a small group of craftswomen, each Simply Linen piece is handmade to our specifications.

In ancient times common Egyptians wore robes of dyed linen, fishermen used linen for their nets, mummies were swaddled in linen after embalmment, phoenician traders grew rich on the proceeds of trading Egyptian linen throughout the Mediterranean.

At the Court of Versailles household linen was rented. Only the trousseau of the king and queen was purchased, extending to multiple sets of linen sheets, towels and blanket covers.

Linen was always simply white, the natural colour of the flax being bleached by the sun. The purity of colour links the fabric to its plant base. Linen fibre derives from the blue flowering flax plant Linum usitatissimum, its qualities being a sturdy fibre that softens with laundering, is warm in winter and cool in summer. 

"Linen is a subtle mixture of firmness and suppleness giving an austere softness that feels wonderful whether smoothed or crumpled" Francoise be Bonneville, The Book of Fine Linen. We hope you will fall in love with your Simply Linen pieces, which will only get better with age, as all good things do.



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